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EcoLabs Webinar Series: The Importance of Business Development and a Glimpse of Smart Mobility in Scandinavia
This Webinar will be presented in 4 parts:

Part 1: Presentation of Smart Energy Network and this organisation´s focus on new technology, creativity and smartness with regards to the development of innovative and consumer-centric energy solutions. The goal of Smart Energy Network is to inspire change – to improve your business.

Keynote: Ragnvald Naero

Part 2: What is the present status of low and zero-emission mobility in the Nordic market? In Norway, 98 % of the electricity is produced from renewable energy sources, primarily hydroelectric power. This is unique in the world. About 50 % of all new light-duty cars sold today are battery-electric cars, this is also unique in the world. Now there is a governmental goal of electrifying the country 100 %, which will lead to a tremendous transformation of the transport sector, phasing out fossil fuel and implementing more electric vehicles, hybrid cars as well as hydrogen for heavy-duty transport. What are the plans going forward to 2030 and beyond, and what is the need for research and international cooperation?

Keynote: Øystein Ulleberg

Part 3: Mobility Forus makes transport smarter, more accessible and more sustainable with autonomous solutions. The company holds unique experience from several projects in different cities in Norway and will have the first EU-project outside Norway in 2020. The company contributes to the establishment of future legal standards as well as to Norwegian research. As a provider of autonomous transport solutions, studies and fleet management, the company is one of the key partners to establish a planned national test centre for autonomous systems in the transport sector. The next step is to launch a large autonomous bus on public roads, which are of a longer distance. Mobility Forus is partnering with researchers at EcoLabs NTU in Singapore to realise this modern transport solution.

Keynote: Linn Terese Marken

Part 4: Q&A
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